Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Macbook Pro Battery (Early 2008)

Since school has started I've been using my macbook pro battery more. However, when I went to system profiler to see what the model was I was surprised to see that I no longer had a sony battery. I've had sony batteries (I've had two so far) until now, and the manufacture was actually SMB. I've done a short coconut battery (by the way recently coconut battery was updated to a rewritten version) log of the battery charge and here it is below. I just calibrated my battery and these are the current statistics (to reiterate apple's stance was to have 80% charge for 300 cycles. It appears to be decreasing steadily. I'm going to try to keep the cycle count below 100 and then once the capacity goes below 80% I'm going to get it replaced yet again.

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