Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Skim App

I was a fan of skim when I first used it, but for me I found out it was missing a feature that would complete my work flow, the addition of a freehand highlighter, which is already present in onenote. In fact, in one note there are two highlighting options.

On skim currently you can only highlight areas that have discernible text, and say that the pdf was a scan of a document you would be unable to highlight. But with the addition of a freehand highlighter it would be possible. It is all I ask, but I was just about to hopefully add that in the feature requests when I found out that it had already been suggested and shot down. I'm quite disappointed about that, I even tried circus ponies notebook to see whether they have advanced when it came to pdf annotation but they have not. Hopefully in the next reiteration of office for mac there can be a one note app, because I really don't want to run it via crossover.

And regarding the frequency of posts, the interval between posts is just going to increase as the school year has started. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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