Saturday, February 6, 2010

Logitech VX Revolution Review Software

I’ve been quite busy so I haven’t had the chance to get a good take of my Logitech VX Revolution review. I tried one take but I wasn’t very satisfied with it. Hopefully soon I can be able to make a video review of this mouse. Since there’s no video review as of the moment I decided to post my points here regarding the Logitech VX Revolution mouse. I’m going to include the software and hardware aspects of this mouse for consideration. In this post I’m going to focus on the software of the mouse, Logitech Setpoint.

First of all I’ve tried the included Logitech setpoint software both on windows and mac. I am also using the latest version of setpoint on both operating systems. While on windows I used the mouse with setpoint to play games and in my opinion it worked fine and felt like a USB mouse regarding the position (or maybe it’s just because my USB mouse is quite old). Though note that I’m not a very heavy gamer, so if you like really tactile feedback from the mouse this may not be for you. Initially I had some scrolling problems on windows but it seems to come and go, though I usually don’t have any problems with the mouse.

I must say that on the mac I’m not satisfied with the setpoint software at all. However, one thing that I did like about the setpoint software was the battery indicator, which told you how many days of charge you had left and how much charge was remaining on the mouse. It didn’t have that for my other Logitech Bluetooth mouse and I found the feature to be quite useful. When it came to the settings I was not happy with the software. At times the mouse just didn’t feel precise at all, and when compared on the windows side the mouse would feel very laggy and it was just hard to use. At that point sometimes I would restart the computer and then it would work well again on the mac. I had similar problems with my Bluetooth mouse and when I would restart into windows the mouse would be flawless, though not so on the mac.

Also, when I first started using the Logitech setpoint software whenever I unplugged the RF dongle while the mouse was in use it would completely freeze my computer, and the trackpad wouldn’t work, same for the mouse. I would have to restart the computer using the keyboard which was very frustrating. It was not a very good experience at all.

Having all these problems regarding the software led me to uninstall the setpoint software completely and I downloaded an application called steermouse. It worked flawlessly, which led me to conclude that the problems were with the Logitech setpoint software. Steermouse is not a free application, but it gives a lot more options than the Logitech setpoint software and has a lot more features as well. An interesting feature of steermouse is that you can reconnect with the mouse, so if I thought that the mouse was a bit laggy I would just launch the software and reconnect the mouse from the software end. All in all, the mouse is a lot more precise using steermouse and I have never looked back.

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