Tuesday, February 16, 2010

iStumbler Release 99


Ah, finally, the next revision of iStumbler. When I was able to use it in leopard I was pretty happy with it, but I think it broke in Snow Leopard. It's a pretty useful tool in my opinion first of all for finding networks but what I like using it for is making sure that my router's channel is not the same as neighboring wireless signals, so that there's going to be less interference. I did for a couple of days try kismac but I preferred the ease of use that came with iStumbler, it's a lot more intuitive and the interface is great. I'm very happy to see that it has been revised and updated for snow leopard.

Edit: And by the way if you look at my screenshots you might notice that they don't have shadows around the windows, as they normally have. I changed the behavior of command shift 4 (space) with Onyx because I think that the lack of a shadow makes the window look cleaner though I do admit that it the window might look a bit weird.

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