Sunday, February 28, 2010

AppleCare History (Up to today)

Well what do you know, at about 1:56 pm today my magsafe power adapter just gave out. I heard some sort of a "pop" sound which bewildered me. After a couple of minutes I noticed that the battery wasn't charging, and I saw that there was no light on the magsafe adapter. I called applecare and I got a reservation at the store for 2:45 pm. The representative there just tried it on his macbook pro, didn't work either, and replaced it for me. I checked the price of a magsafe adapter on the canadian online apple store and it said it was $99. It's good that I'm on warranty. I'm just going to list out now all the times something broke down with my computer.

Dec 29 2008 Both fans replaced for clicking noises
Jun 09 2009 Battery replaced (couldn't charge up properly)
Oct 07 2009 Right fan looked at (made clicking noises again)
Feb 28 2010 Power adapter 85W replaced

I bought this computer in may 2008 by the way.

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