Thursday, January 14, 2010


Ever since I've moved to snow leopard I was disappointed that fliqlo wasn't supported as a screen saver. There was a period where i tried getting other screensavers and I even tried word clock but I still wasn't satistified. I wanted fliqlo back. For those who don't know fliqlo is a very basic screensaver, it just shows a flip clock as a screensaver but I've always seen it as useful because first of all the whole background is black so it saves power, and it has a basic but useful and informative functionality, showing the time. For a lot mac screensavers I see they sap so much power that there's not much of a point using them as a "screen saver" But finally the fliqlo developer recently updated fliqlo at which I am very happy about, immediately switched back to fliqlo. By the way this is my current screensaver collection.

Edit: By the way I hate how when I post images on my posts they don't take up that much space but when you click the white space around them you actually click the image. If there's a way to fix this please do tell...

Edit 2: Ok I think I fixed it. It's because I chose the "centered" layout and when I reuploaded it and chose "none" it worked perfectly. :)

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