Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ah How I Hate the Finder in 10.6

I would say that I'm a person of organization, and that applies to the finder immensely. I like having all my finder windows the same size, with the same icon size and tile size. But I never really liked the finder, and that aspect has been even a bigger problem in the "new and improved" snow leopard "revamped" finder. First of all, you can't even make the view default. Ok, I know that it "says" it's default when you click on "show view options" and you click the button the bottom. But, in 10.5 when you set your view options and you clicked the button it would make that change across the whole system, but that has not been happening in 10.6 . Now I don't know whether it's apple who want to change the feature or whether it's a bug, but what I do know is that it's very, very annoying. I use a launcher which launches separate folders, and I can really see the difference in finder window sizes that way. But if you keep opening for example your documents folder and click folders from there you won't find it as big of an issue.

Today I just encountered another problem. So, just now I diligently set my finder sizes for the icons and the tiles for my download finder. But it looks like finder can't remember what it's doing. Initially when I set it all the icons are spread nicely throughout the window, but when I look at the downloads folder again, it for some reason bumps an icon to the next row, which is very annoying. As you can see on the right, the settings are EXACTLY the same, but for some reason the finder appears to have alzheimer's and can't make up its mind.


Hey Finder, what happened to you?

Other problems I have with the finder is the speed, especially when it comes to display icon previews. In 10.5 it was blazing fast, but now its speed is slightly faster than vista's preview loading speed, where it would take a while to load the preview to folder of video files. Also, for some reason the sidebar width seems to change on its own depending on how long the longest name is. Now normally I would be find with this, because the longest name is the name of the computer, but when I plugin external drives that changes, and it increases the sidebar width, which messes up the finder icons. Also, at least for me, the applications folder always takes a while to load, when in 10.5 it loaded like any other folder. All in all, I'm disappointed by the finder in 10.6 and I really hope that it's improved in the next release of 10.6.3. I also wish that there was a way to quit all finder windows as you can't quit the application, so you have to go through every window and press command-w, which I find time consuming. So, just some thoughts about the annoyances I've been having with the 10.6 finder. In the end it does feel fast overall, but I think that the 10.5.8 performs a lot better than the revised finder in 10.6.

Edit: Changed the site theme again as I didn't like the old one. Think this one will be here to stay.

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