Thursday, January 21, 2010

Firefox 3.6 is Out! Hurrah, so Firefox 3.6 is out, and even when I was trying the beta and RC in the later stages it was pretty stable. Fast too. I find that it does load a bit faster, and the pages do load noticeably faster.

Though, in spite of these changes I've been waiting for a number of features for a while. I'm just going to go ahead and list them.

1. Safari had this for a while, it would be nice if you could get a "new window" option when you right click the firefox icon on the dock. I really don't like it when I have to click on the icon to open my minimized window, reminimize it and then click command N to open up a new window. Very inefficient.

2. Initially I used master password, but in firefox it's just too much of an hassle. Also, I liked to quit with many windows open so when I reopen firefox I had to enter the master password for EVERY WINDOW. Entering it in once would suffice, would it not? Also, I wish that there could be an option to just ask for the master password when you click the show passwords icon, because at least for me I just don't like other people peeking at my passwords.

3. I was a bit perplexed at this when I first saw this, but in the privacy settings the history settings are as such, to keep history for "at least X days." I was baffled as it's illogical and was wondering why it shouldn't be "for at most X days" because keeping history for at least, for example, one day doesn't make any sense at all.

4. Keychain integration (I bet a lot of mac users have been waiting for this)

5. Now this is just a small issue, but it would be nice if we could toggle favicons on and off (I don't want to install stylish just to get favicons on the mac).

And then there's the whole list of features people want, such as lower memory usage, faster launch, etc. on mac. Though I've been playing with chrome on windows and that program loads very fast, faster than safari on the mac at least (and obviously firefox).

In the end, just a small list of things I hope to see in Firefox 3.7 :)

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