Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Firefox 4 Clear History

Clearing history "automatically" in forefox

So as I continued to use firefox 4 I realized that my history kept accumulating. Then I googled it up and realized that in firefox 4 you can't set a number of days to keep your history. Either you keep ALL your history, or it deletes your history every time you leave your computer. This in my opinion is an extremely bad move. Why can't I keep my history for 1-2 days? By deleting my history every time I leave the browser does it improve performance THAT much? Where is the intrinsic choice involved in this? Why did you take out this often-used feature mozilla? I feel somewhat disappointed, and may have to use an addon to supplement for this feature which is unacceptable.

So, regarding my previous post about deleting history it no longer works (where you have to tinker with about:config).

Edit: One small tip, if you want the old reload button back right click in the tab bar, choose customize and then where you see the reload button is just drag it back to the left, and it'll become its own button.

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