Thursday, March 31, 2011

Applecare History 5 (The End?)

So a few days ago I began to have another problem where the right USB port would randomly disconnect the device (though when I used the hub there was no problem for some reason). So then I was thinking, hm, this could prompt a replacement of the motherboard (I didn't really know, I assumed since the USB port was connected to the motherboard there was a chance it would be replaced). So right away I booked an appointment for the "genius" bar at the apple store and when I got there I just told the apple "genius" the problem. He then took out one of the testing USB drives that the store had and plugged it in, and it indeed did have this problem. He then told me that the logic board would have to be replaced.

I reminded him that the logic board had just been replaced once last year and also in January (a pretty recent replacement). He took about a minute to think this over, looking through the past records this computer had (there were numerous problems, mind you). Then he told me I would be eligible for a replacement computer, to my utmost excitement. So there you go, he even replaced the power adapter with the new one and said that the new computer came with a one year warranty, and I could even go for an added applecare plan (I probably won't, but we shall see). So here I am at the apple store, he said I would have to transfer files here or come back later with all the files transferred. I initially asked him whether I could have my old hard drive back (since it's not broken or anything) but he said that it wasn't possible since a technician would have to open up the computer.

So here I am sitting on the side transferring my files. It's been transferring for about an hour now, and it says it's going to take 16 more minutes. I looked at winclone threads and I don't think it's able to resurrect my bootcamp partition in the new computer due to the new hardware. So I guess I will have to reinstall, but this time I will reinstall windows 7 (since I only have windows xp 32 bit). I am, again, just delighted at this and I will spend the next few days retweaking aspects of Mac OS X. I'm glad I came to the apple store as soon as possible. So I guess this is a "the end" (unless under some circumstance the new computer has massive problems). Thanks for reading!

Dec 29 2008 Both fans replaced for clicking noises
Jun 09 2009 Battery replaced (couldn't charge up properly)
Oct 07 2009 Right fan looked at (made clicking noises again)
Feb 28 2010 Power adapter 85W replaced
Apr 11 2010 Logic Board Replaced
Jun 21 2010 Battery replaced (81.6% charge left)
Jan 05 2011 Logic board Replaced
Ma 31 2011 Macbook Pro Replaced (Logic board problem, USB port faulty)

Edit: By the way all of the applecare history posts have been labeled as "macbook pro" for easy viewing.

Edit 2: Here are some last moments of my previous mbp. Now I read the forums saying that people have been having overheating problems with the new mbps lol. Luckily seems like it's the 2.2 GHz model that is affected, while I have the 2.0GHz. Though personally I haven't really had any freezing problems with this machine.

It was in a way a test of the facetime HD camera, though the pictures didn't turn out very well...

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