Friday, April 9, 2010

Applecare History 2

My previous applecare history (the original) post is here. I would just like to take the opportunity to revise it today, as my early 2008 macbook pro suddenly experienced another issue recently.

It was two days ago at about midnight (So technically April 8). All I did was put the lid down to sleep the computer. The computer was functioning fine just then. The computer wasn't charging as there was a green light on the magsafe. When I came back I noticed that the sleep light wasn't blinking, which intruiged me. So I went in and I opened the lid, but nothing happened. Usually when the computer goes out of sleep it would run the DVD drive which would make sounds. Unfortunately, this time it did not. I tried to force shut down the computer but when I tried to restart the boot screen did not come out but rather the screen was completely black. I wanted to try to reset PRAM but I unfortunately forgot (I just remembered you had to hold P, R, and something else when you pressed the power button).

The next day I called applecare and booked an appointment for 2 pm at the apple store. They said they had to replace the logic board and that they didn't have the part available so they would have the part in at most five days. I that point I realized that I would be computerless for the first part of my exam period. I think I'm slowly starting to doubt the efficacy of the phrase "it just works" as well as their PR campaign saying that their computers are more reliable etc. etc. because for me I've been having problems with this computer, whether it's the batter, power adapter, or fans. Though I guess this is my first "big problem" with the computer as I saw in the sheet that this was a "level 2 hardware repair" when my previous repairs had been "level 1." As for the 5 day turnaround time I admit it is still far better than other manufacturers but when I approached them and asked for a loaner laptop they said they didn't have any available. Sighs, guess I'll have to be computerless for another four days (they say I will get the computer back on thursday on a worst case basis).

So to add to the list
April 11 2010 Logic Board Replaced

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