Monday, December 21, 2009

Look Back at the Buffalo Drives

If you've see my youtube videos you probably know that I have a drivestation combo 500 GB (Firewire and USB) as well as a drivestation 1 TB (USB) and I'd just like to use this post to comment on their performance.

For the combo it's been doing pretty well, though since it's a faster speed drive I find that it gets quite hot when you keep running it for prolonged periods of time. Thus it's a good thing to have the metal enclosure. As for the buffalo drivestation 1 TB it's also humming along nicely, hasn't died and I partitioned it as my new time machine backup partition. So far so good. I moved my time machine drive from the combo to the drivestation because the combo didn't have enough space so when I installed snow leopard it wiped out the drive. Hopefully now the drivestation will have ample space for time machine. So, in the end this is just a quick look back at the drivestation combo 500 GB and the drivesetation 1 TB drives.

Edit: On the combo drive (with firewire) I recently installed a bootable copy of 10.5.8 on it, and used that one instead of the USB drive because of faster transfer speeds. Forgot how many GBs I allocated but it was 15-20 GB. I put disk warrior and some other apps there for system maintenance of my main 10.6.2 OS partition on the internal drive. Worked pretty well I'd say.

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