Monday, December 21, 2009

Brother HL-2170W Unboxing

I just uploaded the unboxing video to youtube and I'm just going to quickly post down some first impressions of the printer after using it to print out a couple of pages. The print speed is quite fast, and the quality seems pretty good. I really don't like how stores like to rip you off on the USB cable (which I could not avoid unfortunately) as the machine doesn't come with it. I realized that in order to set up wireless you have to install a utility, and I went to the brother website to download it, though I'm not sure whether it's compatible with snow leopard. At any rate I probably won't share the printer. I realized that when you pressed the power button it does not turn the machine off (you need to use the manual on/off switch at the side) and when it's ide it makes a humming sound due to the fans. Due to the sound I usually turn it off. I have seen some reviews online talking about the power usage of the printer, but I personally haven't looked into this in detail. So, just first impressions of the printer, I will be doing an in-depth review of it soon on youtube. Merry Christmas and watch the unboxing :)

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