Thursday, September 29, 2011

Targus A7 Backpack

Previously to yesterday I never considered this, but yesterday it dawned on me that last year I carried around my 15'' macbook pro quite regularly during classes. I realized that when I put the computer into my backpack the straps just didn't provide the back support I needed. Plus, the layout of my current backpack just wasn't as effective as I had hoped.

I went numerous websites to check out laptop backpacks, and this particular one struck me on redflagdeals. I read some reviews and decided to get it, it arrives in a couple of days so this is a heads up. The specific website that I bought it was from Dell, the discount was $50 off (coupon is from redflagdeals) so total price is $22.59 CAD, here is the dell link. I hope to do a review of this backpack after several days of usage, just a quick heads up post beforehand. Oh, and the discount ends Sept 30. I'm not sure whether I'll like the brown color but we shall see.

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