Thursday, April 21, 2011

Current Desktop

This is going to be a somewhat random post. I'm just going to post a picture of my current desktop layout, but what I really wanted to convey with this post is that I read an article on lifehacker talking about cool mac apps that are available in the appstore. Personally, I'm not really that excited about the mac app store, especially since you have to sign in with an apple ID (I just made a new one that's not tied to any billing services). I can see why you would need an account if you were buying an app, but all I wanted to do was browse and download free apps. Why do you need an apple ID for that? Anyway, hopefully in the coming weeks I can review a couple of free apps, yeah.

A quick note about the macbook pro, it's been performing pretty well. Though, at times for some reason the screen freezes, usually expose and then the computer starts lagging and seems glitchy. If I restart the computer it'll work fine again. I hope apple fixes these bugs with the new macbook pros (early 2011).

Note that my dock is usually hidden, I just have my mouse hovered over the dock so it pops up.

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