Tuesday, May 18, 2010

uTorrent Mac

Sorry, I didn't bother making the real "mu" in "uTorrent" in the title. But about uTorrent I've been using it since the alpha came out, and I've seen a lot of changes, whether it's the icons or the user interface. I personally like the new revamp of the interface when I saw it. The interface looks a lot more refined in my opinion when compared to the old one. Though, since the software is still relatively new I still see some bugs and there's a couple of features that I hope will be included in future builds of the app.

When I first went to mac I was wondering which bittorrent software to use, as I was using utorrent on windows, which had a very light footprint. I first tried out transmission, which was ok. With its default settings, for some reason I found the speed (download) in transmission to be slower than the speed in uTorrent on my windows computer. At that time I searched a couple of articles which said that the bittorrent application shouldn't affect downloading speeds, but for some reason transmission would always be slower. Though transmission seems pretty feature complete, and to my knowledge supports magnet links, as compared to where the last time I tried magnet links in uTorrent it did not work very well.

When comparing the two applications I would say that they're both good, and I see transmission updates quite often, about the same frequency as utorrent updates. Though since I was a uTorrent user on windows I prefer uTorrent on mac. Its footprint on the system is still relatively light, and it's speedy as well when it comes to download speeds. It was also relatively easy to configure settings for port forwarding (then again port forwarding is more in the system preferences than the bittorrent application itself).

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