Monday, March 29, 2010

Mac OS 10.6.3

Well, seeing that 10.6.3 is out, are you going to upgrade? Looking from comments nothing too bad so far, and I'm sick of 10.6.2. The hilarious thing is, while searching for the combo update (which I recommend over the software update) I saw this on my menubar.

See you at the other side!

Edit: These downloads are approaching the 1 GB range, since Apple has so much money in reserve, they should hand out free USB sticks with 10.6.3, seriously. -__-

Edit 2: The finder issues I previously documented my previous post have not been fixed, sighs. (referring to the issue with the spacing between folders, even though the spacing is exactly the same for one folder I could get 6 items in a row while for the other folder only 5, with a lot of white space next to the last item). On the bright side, my iTunes videos are working fine now. No lagginess in video, no performance issues, feels smooth.

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